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We have both analogue and digital equipment with state of the art AD/DA conversion and also provide restoration and archival from 1/4inch tape, DAT and Vinyl. We can also arrange the hire of any additional outboard.



Dedicated mastering room with full range ADAM monitoring




Lynx HILO Reference AD/DA conversion

API 2500 Compressor

Manely Varimu Compressor

D.A.V Electronics Mastering Eq built by Mick Hinton based on the original Decca mastering console.

Revox B77 Hi Speed 1/4 inch Tape Machine

Tascam DA70 Mk 2 DAT machine




Flux Epure III Eq

Flux Solera III Dynamics

Flux Pure Limiter III

Flux Syrah III Dynamics

Fab Filter Pro L-2

Brainworx Digital V3 Eq

Brainworx Millenia NS-EQ2

Slate VBC Virtual Buss Compressors

Slate VTC Virtual Tape Machine

Izotop RX Audio Restoration


Stienberg Wavelab Pro 9.5

Protools 12

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