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Johnny Labelle LP 'Cold Fruit' available now. Cold Fruit: the coin—heads is love, tails is a

Cold Fruit: the coin—heads is love, tails is apathy, both sides sharing a foundation…. The currency is decommissioned anyways. The sound isn’t sad or mad or jubilant; it’s rich, total, simultaneously sharp and smooth like a morphine fog, slightly overwhelming like sitting out in the sun; slow down, become numb. Pop music going to sleep. A tide of glimmering comes in, washes over, and goes back out to sea. You’re left on the shore, shivering despite the heat. The sound of summer nights that are hotter than their counterpart days, somehow. Cold Fruit is, irreducibly, the product of collaboration. “Equinox” ebbs and flows to the meandering sax of Pantelis Lykoudis; “Strange Affections,” “Stakes are High,” “Glass Bees” and “What You Lack” are all a stage upon which Owen Callahan’s sax wanders aimlessly, in search of a friend; “Custom” adapts the words of a poem by Pulitzer Prize winning language poet Rae Armantrout who “loves” the song; Magic Island lends her honest voice to “What You Lack,” a duet in which two people descend, together. In addition filmmaker Aaron Khandros collaborated in producing several music videos with experimental filmmakers like Martha Colburn, Zachary Epcar and Karissa Hahn, which explore the themes of the album in the visual sphere.

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